Vintage Computer Games that time forgot

Not everybody grew up with gaming consoles as parents bought computers for their kids to be used for school, but many back in the day used it for gaming. People seem to forget the great games of yesteryear especially on vintage computers. No Sega or Nintendo consoles here, Retro Domination will present you a few gems from times past that nobody ever speaks about.

Wizards Lair -ZX Spectrum – 1985

Before The Legend of Zelda was Wizards Lair,  looks and plays similar. You play as a explorer named Pothole Pete  and you are stuck in a lair and the only way to escape is to collect four pieces of the Golden Lion. Game can get quite hectic with enemies attacking you from all angles and the best part about the game is it’s non-linear with multiple exits and secret rooms are quite common not something done back in 1985. Game also availible on C64, Amstrad CPC and the MSX.










[youtube id=”KYQfGFVipyU” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Xyphoes Fantasy – Amstrad CPC 128k – 1991

A game that was released near the end of the Amstrad’s life and a fine impressive one at that. Xyphoes Fantasy was a CPC exclusive and could only be played on a 128k machine. Consisting of 4 levels with a mixture of Shadow of the Beast, Barbarian and Wraith of the Demon, it’s sure to please with it’s magnificent graphics and sound and could be easily mistaken as an early 16bit title.









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Hunter – Amiga 500 – 1991

The father of all sandbox games that gets no recognition whats so ever! Hunter was a milestone of computer game entertainment. Yes, graphics might look very dated compared to the latest Saints Row but this was a huge accomplishment for the king of 16 bit computing. Not only do you have free rein to go everywhere in it’s open world you can jump in a truck, ride a bike and fly an helicopter. It’s a piece of gaming history that must be experienced. Game was also released for the Atari St.








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