Video Games Live Melbourne 2015

It’s taken 10 years but the Video Games Live concert has finally arrived in Australia.

Waiting in line amongst the cold Melbourne weather I stood there thinking what could I be expecting as I avoided any spoilers on the internet. Tommy Tallarico would post up on the Video Games Live Facebook page which songs people requested and I wasn’t disappointed.

Opening was a retrospective gaming medley starting with Pong, now how would you play a musical composition to Pong you ask? Well you have to see/hear to believe it. I knew just from the first 5 mins that this concert was going to be special.

There was something for everyone, a Sonic the Hedgehog Medley, World of Warcraft, Ghosts N’ Goblins, Outrun, The Legend Of Zelda and many others.

The Orchestra and Choir were Melbourne based and they didn’t disappoint.
To break things up there was a young male that went up on stage dressed as Misty playing an interactive Space Invaders on the backdrop screen, another local audience member playing a perfect game of the Guitar Hero track Pretender by the Foo Fighters along with the band, Tommy also playing on a real guitar along side him.


The best part is, it was a family show and I felt very comfortable having my 11 year old son with me (Yes he couldn’t stop talking about it after it ended)

If you missed the Melbourne leg of the tour I totally recommend you go to the Sydney show on the 30th of July so get your tickets quick. If not, dvd’s and audio cd’s are also available via their website.
All in all it was an amazing experience

Tour dates and merchandise can be viewed here at their website.