Top 10 Games on the ZX Spectrum

The Zx Spectrum the 8bit wonder from the UK unfortunately was never released here in Australia. Clive Sinclair’s little power house was a force to be reconed with in it’s homeland, considering it’s two main rivals the Commodore 64 and the Amstrad Cpc range were it’s main competitors. The Spectrum came in several models, the 16kb/48kb rubber model, ZX Spectrum +, 128k Toastrack, +2, +2A and the +3. 

As a proud Zx Spectrum +2 owner i’ve decided to give my favorite all time top 10 Speccy games in no particular order. Do you agree? Do you think I missed any games out? Well lets have a look.

Zynaps: Hewson

This great side scrolling SHMUP is an awesome introduction to the computer for new enthusiasts. Nice smooth scrolling and great controls makes this a must for all Speccy fans.

Chase Hq: Ocean

Best home port on any system, this game has speed, smooth animation, great controls and fantastic sound with speech. Play this on a 128k machine to get the full experience.

Manic Miner: Bug Byte

Does this game really need an explanation?


Karnov: Electric Dreams 

I really like what they did with the graphics as they’re very loyal to the arcade version. The jerky scrolling can be off putting but if you persevere there’s actually a great game in there.


Exolon: Hewson

Another classic from Hewson, this game is great on all 8bit systems. I find the Speccy version ticks all the boxes.


Fantasy World Dizzy: Codemasters

I don’t think the Oliver Twins could do no wrong. My fav chapter from the Dizzy universe.


Robocop: Ocean

Great port on the trusty Speccy. Like the arcade version plus more!


Flying Shark: Firebird

Great vertical shooter, can get hard to see enimeies at times but still a great load of fun. Scrolling is super smooth.


Commando 128k version: Elite

Great conversion, must recommend the 128k version as it has the awesome soundtrack while playing. Nearly as good as the C64.


Atic Attack: Rare

I can’t help the perspective of this game inspired the Zelda series. Great fun and cool sound effects. Great for a quick pick up and play.


So, do you agree with my list?

There are many great games for the system and it was very difficult to choose ten. Well I better get back to playing 😉


Video game footage sourced from;

RZX Archive