THE VIDEO CRAZE “Where were you in 82?”

Not often do we come across a person that has put so much love, sweat, tears and dedication into something. Here I introduce  Dave Danzara the Director and creative mind behind THE VIDEO CRAZE “Where were you in 82?”

In Dave’s word’s!

“The whole reason I have made a Kickstarter was so I can get the funds to be able to pay for the marketing and manufacturing of the DVDs / Blu Ray’s, production costs, advertising, Licensing, artwork, traveling, Incentives for the kickstarter and film festival entries. To start a production takes a lot of time and money, and for what I need to have this film done I need this goal met, it is really important to me. Your contribution is huge, share with your friends and family, spread the word about this project to ensure it gets what it needs to be done !”


Starring: Paul Dean Steve Hertz Richie Knucklez Walter Day Cat DeSpira Ben Gold Sean Newton Alan Radue Scott Zeiser Richard Lint Chris Connally Scott Leftwich Zack Green Bill Johnston Dave Danzara, Keith Apicary Billy Mitchell and more….
For more details regarding the Movie head over to the Kickstarter and make your pledge! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????
The story of those who were first to look into the neon haze of a vector/raster screen and fall in love. The first quarter poppers. The “vidiots” who never grew up. It’s a film about you. It’s the story of us.

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