The Video Craze- Where were you in ’82? – Movie Review

The Video Craze (Vector Invader Productions) was born in 2011 when Dave Danzara started to film arcade collections and gaming meet up’s. Footage became plentiful so he called on (assistant director) Natalie Rossetti and (second assistant director) Scott Zeiser to put it all together. The end result is, in Dave’s own words, “a documentary that examines the impact of the arcade, from the people who where first to embrace the worldwide video game culture.”

The movie greeted me with an opening sequence of 80’s inspired colours, music and narration. This was a surreal experience as I found myself thinking of my own childhood. Anecdotes from the cast followed, re telling their first time in a Video Arcade. This was a perfect introduction to the movie, the tone was created whilst being introduced to the large cast in an easy to follow format.

The cast consists of Zack Green, Paul Dean, Steve Hertz, Richie Knucklez, Chris Connally and many others. Cat DeSpira was a highlight, I found her anecdotes extremely relatable. Her love and dedication for the art is refreshing, extremely entertaining to watch. “I can’t see a point in my life of never being around a Video game” Now that’s a true gamer.

 Dave Danzara and Natalie Rossetti

Keith Apicary was another highlight with his slapstick humor and outrageous persona. He’s quick rambling is hilarious. Walter Day appears throughout the film, showing his dedication and love to the world of arcades. Take note of his speech at the end of the film, the man has a loving outlook on life – pure brilliance. Cameo’s from Billy Mitchell, Steve Weibe and Hank Chen were also nice additions during the filming of the Kong Off 2.


The Video Craze also features a much loved iconic character, which helps separate the different segments in a quirky, entertaining way!

 Dave Danzara

The soundtrack was another highlight! The 80’s feel of the music by Lazerhawk, Miami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder, Lost Years, Action Jackson, Silent gloves, Grettings Program and FM Attack complimented the film well. I’m looking forward to the digital soundtrack which will be released at a later date. The main theme, “The Video Craze” by Lazerhawk is great! It sounds like it was genuinely created back in 1982.

After more than three years, the wait was definitely worth it! Dave and crew have created a movie that not only made me feel like I was back in the 1980’s, but an honest presence about it is shown through the tone of his voice and the love and commitment he has spent. Although this is Dave Danzara’s first feature documentary, it is hard to imagine that he can top this. An entertaining, feel good movie with facets that make it just as much fun for your children to watch as it is for you!

Highly Recommended

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