The Fly Ultimate Collection

A series of films that has terrified generations of horror fans, is finally available in one box set!

Spawning in 1958, the original Fly was one of the cult films that was inspired by the “Atomic Era”. Sharing place with other classics, “Them” “The Thing” and “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”. It was a time of Scientists, Radioactivity, deformities and monsters! SO it was only natural the Fly and its sequels were made to terrify their audience.

The original Fly tells the tale of Andre Delambre, a scientist working on an experiment to Transport items from one place to another, by breaking the item down atomically, sending it to the destination, and reassembling the atoms again to make the item whole. While it works on inanimate objects, Andres desire to move “living” objects becomes more apparent, resulting in a few…ehem…ghastly failures…

After a few fine tweaks, the biggest test comes. To transport himself…Will it work? Or…wait…whats that buzzing noise???!

There it is! The fly with the White head! That spiders gonna get him! *Shudders…

Well paced with solid performances by Vincent Price, it keeps the viewer intrigued until the last shocking scene, a scene still to this day, is quite unnerving.

The Return of the fly, is just as intriguing  as the first. A continuation from the first film, it tells the story of Philippe Delambre, son of Andre (From the first film) wishing to continue on and complete his fathers legacy. Mutant Hamsters, Men with Hamster feet and a few other surprises abound in this sequel. After a corporation takes control of Philippe assets and pops him into his own Transportation machine with a fly..all hell breaks loose and Philippe (now in Fly form) is on a mission to seek vengeance. Whereas the first film was invested in the failings of Andre, and the terrible mistakes he made and the impact on his loved ones, The sequel hits the more generic Horror tones and themes.  Although its still terribly satisfying to watch.

Much later the Curse of the Fly was released in 1965, and made in the UK, although it shares a lot thematically with the originals, its loosely based on the characters in the original film, and throws continuity out of the window, as opposed to the initial sequel. The film covers the exploits of Martin Delambre and his Father Henri (???), continuing on with the transportation of humans via their machines, with horrible outcomes, turning people into mush, or deformed insane mutants who are locked away to hide their failings (Will this family ever learn??), but soon enough it  untangles as the two try to madly hide their work,  leading to the finale. Aside from the Transportation machines and deformities being the common theme with the series, Martin himself is somehow afflicted with Fly genes which causes him to age rapidly (Similar to The Fly 2…but we’ll get to that). Whilst probably the weakest entry in the series it still has its merits, but more so for schlock horror fans.

Jump forward to 1986. David Cronenbergs remake, came at a time when 80s horror was at its peak. Channeling the original film, The Fly was a powerhouse of storytelling coupled with memorable and gruesome effects, courtesy of the brilliant Chris Walas. Story wise it follows the original, but shows the slow transformation of Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) into the Fly creature. Whilst first and foremost its a love story, it spirals down into madness as the Fly Genes take hold of Seth and grant him unique… like abilities. The climax of the film showcases Chris Walas’ amazing special effects work and brings closure to the Fly series… for now.

Hey did you know flies vomit on their food to break it down? Seth Knows..and so do we now…errrrggghhhhh…

Chris Walas’ Fly 2, starts off where the original film left off, with Seth’s lover giving birth to their son Martin (Eric Stoltz) who has the Fly Genes already in his genetic makeup. After a dramatic birth scene, where i winced several times… The child is born in a cocoon, and once open, a healthy baby boy is produced. Martin is held under constant watch from the Bartok Corporation, studied, tested and raised by his…stand in father, Anton Bartok, who has some ulterior motives…

Brundlefly Jr…the beginning.

Aging rapidly and showing signs of a genius at age 5, Martin is pulled into a plot of intrigue and sinister means, as the truth slowly comes out.

Although panned by critics, i found the Fly 2 was a surprisingly great sequel. Although some of the script and scenery has a bit of a B Grade Horror film vibe to it, Martin himself makes the movie a stand out. The innocence conveyed by him, his concern for the mutated test subjects and his slow realization of what will eventually happen to him, is pulled off flawlessly, and makes him a likable character you can sympathize with. Small touches from scene to scene, you’ll notice his transformation. From subtle complexion changes, to the more dramatic cocoon near the end. It really adds to the suspense of it all, making you feel like…times running out! This coupled with a fantastic final monster, brutal gore effects and a very satisfying ending, make this a sadly underrated classic.

The Fly Ultimate collection is a great way to experience the Fly series all in one place. Aside from all the films, it has a host of extras, from featurettes Deleted scenes, commentary and promotional stills. The Fly Ultimate Collection is available from ViaVision entertainment on either DVD or BluRay.

After binge watching all of these… you cant help but feel slightly paranoid when a fly starts buzzing around the room…luckily im not into Teleportation of living objects….