The Amityville Horror Collection

The Amityville Horror series! Just in time for Halloween is this great Collection of the first 3 films to get your skin crawling…

Based loosely on the horrifying murders in 1974 by Ronald De Feo of his parents and siblings in the famous house in Long Island, and the subsequent tales of Hauntings that followed, the Amityville films always sit uneasily with the viewer, knowing that there’s a bit of reality to the story.


Looks ok from here…right?

The original film tells the tale of a young family who moves into the house several years after the fact, and its sales pitch is it’s a “Fixer Upper”. As soon as the family moves in, the creepyness begins, with restless entities playing havoc with the family and anyone who comes to drop by. Even the town priest who comes to bless the house, is constantly deterred by either swarms of flies, and other odd incidents, preventing him from his rites.

Amittyville uses the typical horror film cliche of “That Time” factor. Where everything gets really weird at 3.15am, when the original murders occurred. Whether its the wife waking from a deep slumber screaming “He shot her in the Head!!!” to doors opening and closing, and odd figures moving around. It really provides for an unsettling experience, and to be honest, gives me goose bumps now just thinking about it.

Whereas Horror of the late 70’s was just getting into the swing with its “Slasher” Genre, Amityville sticks to its paranormal scares. As the days count on, the Husband grows more and more distant and, increasingly disturbed, causing distress to his wife and anyone else who is around him.


After events worsen, and some researching of the house’s origins, the Lutz family must decide whether to stay, or continue into this spiral of madness.

In reality, there’s been alot of speculation as to whether to stories were true, and some have dispelled it as myths or a big hoax in general. But there are a select few that believe that the Lutz family were indeed telling the truth. There’s a myriad of references on the internet to research in your own time if you’re curious enough, but for me, trembling under my bed sheets after it finished, will just leave it as “Its just a movie…”

This Blu-ray Box set also includes the following two films in the series, Amityville Horror 2- The Possession and Amityville Horror 3 3D.

The former, is set up as a prequel of sorts, telling the grim tale of how it all began, suggesting that a demonic presence was lurking around, looking for the right host to play games with. This too is a chilling film, as it uses the source material from the actual murders in Long Island, and climaxes with the expected outcome, with a slight twist. This was quite controversial at the time, despite the story using different names, still uses the DeFeo characters and true events as its driving force. Resulting in a few uproars from interested parties.


OK… this is getting too freaky…

The Third film, entails a journalist who’s just exposed the previous owners of staging a huge hoax with all the hauntings. Urged to move in to the House to dispel the rumors completely, he finds, that maybe…it was actually true… The usual odd things start occurring, and of course things get worse, much worse. Grim Ouija board omens, a car accident and a slew of other disasters take place, coming to a crescendo at the films end…which, like always, never quite seals the deal. With a few chilling scenes, unsettling moments and the odd cheesy 3D effect thrown in, Amityville 3 3D, is probably the weakest of the trilogy, but still holds its own as a simple chiller for Horror Buffs.

Along with the trilogy comes a slew of bonus content. Not just the normal throwaway trailers, but a solid list of interviews with the cast, musical composers as well as a commentary track by Dr Hans Holzer, who has a Phd in Parapsychology! Also added are a few mini documentaries looking at the House and locations, as well as a look into whether its Real or Fiction.


For Horror fans, this set has treasure trove of goodies to sift through to keep even the most ardent fan happy.

The Amityville Horror Collection is available through Via Vision and all good Movie Retailers on BluRay and DVD.