Team RD’s top Nes games of all time

The Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the most loved and successful game consoles to ever grace this world of ours.

Here at Retro Domination we also enjoy the grey box and here are the teams top games for the system. Hang on to your seats!

Suz EQ- Super Mario Bros 3 – Nintendo

I’m so torn between Zelda and Mario 3. Both were so new to me when I got them on release as a kid. Something I hadn’t seen in my years of Atari 2600. Both were and still are adventurous, fun, clever, and I still get the same sense of enjoyment when I play them now. Plus, it’s amusing when you suddenly remember when and where you found a little secret over 20 years ago – it’s still there!

[youtube id=”2SfvhZgD7Bk” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Tim Arnold- Double Dragon 2 The Revenge – Technōs Japan

Great graphics coupled with an amazing soundtrack, dd2 was the pinnacle of side scrolling beat em ups on the Nes.
It was a damn fine entry into the series…after the first dreadful port.

[youtube id=”vyw1vN-8g-M” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Matt Mc Gers McCawley- Galaga – Namco

Galaga was one of the first arcade games I ever played. Not only does it hold a nostalgic feeling but its its a damn good port on the NES. I still play it regularly today and enjoy it immensely.

[youtube id=”qD5ezoBkxrc” width=”600″ height=”350″]


James Matson- The Legend of Zelda – Nintendo

Zelda, the original. As a kid who was brought up on a C64 and Amiga , Zelda was the one game I looked at with wonder and envy as my NES owning friends played it. There was something so appealing and adventurous about it.

[youtube id=”W8ZzmhtNVE8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


Mark Cassar- Megaman 2 – Capcom

Much like James, I grew up with with Atari 2600 & the C64, so I never actually owned a NES. My brother let me borrow his for a few weeks (which is puzzling in itself, as he never actually liked video games, I think he only bought it to play Double Dragon) and I rented Mega Man 2. I had never played anything like it before. The ability to choose which bosses you would fight first, taking their abilities and being able to switch between different weapons, it was all very cool and different!

[youtube id=”cNLJS6egqig” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Daz- Shatterhand – Jaleco

So hard to choose as Super Mario Bros 2 was so close to take the top spot. Shatterhand blew me away with it’s perfect controls, graphics and music. A worthy soundtrack to pop into your car stereo. You won’t be disappointed.

[youtube id=”2Nh-aESgS-k” width=”600″ height=”350″]