“SNK Fighter” Inspired Pocket Rumble heads to Kickstarter

The ‘crowd funding’ steam train is not showing any signs of slowing down, with the 8-bit inspired 2D fighter ‘Pocket Rumble’ from Cardboard Robot Games kicking off its second attempt at crowd funding today on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

[youtube id=”wtxiZytVH_M” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Drawing inspiration from “SNK fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket”, Pocket Rumble promises a more streamlined and simplified control scheme to help try and remove the execution barrier that can sometimes be difficult for new players, whilst at the same time keeping the same strategy and gameplay elements found in other 2D fighters such as Street Fighter, with the end goal to hopefully provide a more level playing field for both newcomers and veterans alike.


The initial funding goal is set at a reasonable $22,500 USD. If successfully funded, the game will ship with an initial roster of eight characters, however more DLC characters have been promised (up to an eight additional characters, at the time of this article). The game will also feature guest ‘boss’ characters for each member of the cast, with these guest characters being pulled from other indie developed games such as Dive Kick, Nidhogg, Dust: An Elysian Tai and I Wanna Be The Guy amongst others!


The game will also come complete with all of the modes that one would normally find in full retail games, including the standard Arcade Mode (complete with secrets & unlocks), local versus play, online netplay utilising the excellent GGPO as its netcode, a Lesson Mode that will include tutorials, a Training Mode to hone your skills and also a single player Career Mode, which will allow players to participate in fictional worldwide fighting tournaments that will allow players to take on some of the top players from the Pocket Rumble beta (which will provided to all players that pledge $10USD or more), as well as some of the top players from within the fighting game community itself!

Perhaps one of the most exciting announcements for this Kickstarter is news that a hombrew port Pocket Rumble for the Neo Geo Pocket Color will also be released and that it will be available to everyone to as a free download, and can be run via either a flash cart or with emulation. Whilst this port will most likely only contain the arcade mode of the game and will need to be altered from the full release, it’s still a neat little freebie!


For more information on Pocket Rumble, please head on over to their Kickstarter page to show your support. You can also help the team bring their game to the Steam faster by voting for them via the Steam Greenlight program!