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In 2008 I started playing Donkey Kong on my newly built MAME machine, and made a habit of playing a few games every day after work. When I found out about from The King of Kong documentary, I immediately signed up for an account to see how I stacked up. It turns out, not very well, but I was driven to see how far I could work my way up the scoreboards. At one point, I was ranked 22nd in the MAME scoreboards for Donkey Kong play. has since come under new ownership, so I decided that the timing was right for me to introduce a new site to provide a similar service, except publish the gameplay for other users to see. has officially launched, and it addresses a few issues and adds features that I’ve been wanting in a site. The first issue I’ve seen with for-profit sites, is that they immediately have employee overhead to verify scores and maintain their infrastructure. In 2013, I feel like this is not needed. Many successful sites rely on the community of users to maintain the site data and integrity. So here’s the rundown of how works.
Users sign up for a free account, verify their email, and log in.

Once logged in, users are able to access the Submit High Score page and easily type in their game session data and upload their video file. This file gets uploaded on the back end of the site to the Scoreground youtube account. It takes up to 24 hours for someone to verify that the video submission is valid and appropriate. Once approved, the score will show up on the site under the System / Game / (Variation).

All of the rating/verifying of videos is done by the users. Each user gets 1 vote per video to rate the integrity of the score attempt. If enough negative votes are reached, the video is flagged for review and will be taken down.

Now, many people may come to the conclusion that the rating system is too relaxed and users can cheat too easily, but any score submissions that are world-record-worthy will draw enough attention that the community-user review will be more effective than one referee reviewing it!

The site will also be hosting monthly contests for different games in an effort to encourage healthy competition.

Again, the whole point of the site is to encourage users to upload their gameplay, study and learn from each other, and bring the competitive gaming community together as a whole. Any suggestions for the site can be posted on the ScoreGround Facebook page. 

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