Retro Domination Podcast Special – Box Art – A Gaming Documentary

Welcome to a special edition of the Retro Domination podcast! On this week’s episode, the team catch up with Rob McCallum (of Nintendo Quest & Power Of Grayskull fame) to talk about the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for his latest documentary: Box Art – A Gaming Documentary.

Rob gives a rundown of what backers can expect to see in his latest endeavour and what he hopes to achieve should his Kickstarter be successful. With a list of interviewees including the likes of Trip Hawkins (Electronic Arts, 3DO), David Perry (Shiny Entertainment), Howard Scott Warshaw (Yars Revenge) & Warren Davis (Q*Bert), what are you waiting for? Start getting your pledges in now!

This week’s outro track: Last Ninja 2: Central park (metal version) by Aki Järvinen

Show notes:

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