Retro Domination Podcast Episode 86 – The Nintendo Playstation

Welcome to episode 86 of the Retro Domination podcast! On this week’s episode, the team are fortunate enough to be joined by Terry Diebold, one of the owners of the notorious ‘Nintendo Playstation’ prototype, the failed Super Nintendo CD add-on joint venture between Nintendo & Sony, that would ultimately be nixed by Nintendo.

Terry gives the team the low down of the extraordinary circumstances on how he came to be in possession of the prototype, the scrutiny that he and his son Dan have come under since they came forward with their story, as well as the plans that they have for the future of the console. We also discuss the Kickstarter that is currently underway for their “The Nintendo Playstation” the Untold Story of the Prototype”. We hope you tune in and enjoy!

We apologise for the audio issues experience in this episode. We have done our best to clean up the audio quality as much as possible.

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