Retro Domination Podcast Episode 71 – A chat with Corey Marshall/Ryo Hazuki

When talking about the Sega Dreamcast there is one game that rises above the rest for Tim, Pete and Matt. It’s a game that we always go back to and highlight as one of our personal favourites of all time. So it’s with great pleasure that on this week’s episode of the Retro Domination podcast we have Corey Marshall, voice actor for Ryo Hazuki from the legendary series Shenmue.

Corey takes us on a journey on how it all started with Shenmue 1, 2 and sheds some light on the upcoming Shenmue 3! So take a seat in You Arcade, grab drink maybe play some darts and tune in this week’s show. Make sure you listen after the outro music for a little behind the scenes nerd moment.

Disclaimer – Due to microphone problems at the start of the podcast please be patient as audio is corrected after ten minutes in.

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