Retro Domination Podcast Episode 66 – Try Before You Buy

Welcome to episode 66 of the Retro Domination podcast! On this week’s episode, the team discuss the recent cancellation of the Silent Hills project and the downfall of another much loved publisher: Konami. Daz also pops on his tweed jacket and wire rim spectacles as he plays the role of school teacher and assigns each member of the team some homework: Go away and play a handful of games on a system of his choosing and then to come back and present a summary to the rest of the class! Mark has been assigned the Amstrad CPC64 (much to his dismay!) and the Atari 7800, Pete has been assigned the PC Engine and in the interest of fairness, Daz has been assigned the MSX. What systems did they love? Which ones did they hate? And was Pete actually prepared? Tune in to find out!

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