Retro Domination Episode 80 – The Christmas Force Awakens

Welcome to episode 80 of the Retro Domination podcast & the final show for 2015. Where has the year gone?!

On this week’s episode, the team share their thoughts on the recently announced Coleco Chameleon system: the rebranded console formally known as the RetroVGS, which previously failed to meet its crowd funding goal on IndieGoGo.

After an extremely heated discussion, the conversation moves on to a more positive note as the guys talk about the much loved publisher Data East, discuss some of their favourite Data East games and pinball machines.

Last, but definitely not least, the guys share their *SPOILER FREE* thoughts on the latest instalment of the Star Wars movie franchise: The Force Awakens. Do they feel that it lived up to the Star Wars name or has Disney created another Jar Jar Binks blunder? Be sure to tune in and find out! We’ll see you all in 2016!

DISCLAIMER: We apologise for some of the audio issues that experienced in this episode. Unfortunately, due to a faulty headset, Daz had to switch to a different microphone midway thru recording.




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End credits track Christmas Metal Songs – Deck The Halls [Heavy Metal Version]  by  Orion’s Reign