Retro Dominating in the USA Part 1

After an overwhelming response from our awesome community, we at Retro Domination present to you a guide to retro gaming stores you must visit when you are in the United States of America. Be prepared to be overwhelmed in Retro goodness, as we share Matt’s journey through thousands of Carts, CD’s and Consoles.

West Coast – Las Vegas, Nevada. – A Gamers Paradise (South)

If you manage to keep away from gambling in Vegas, there is much more to offer to the nostalgic gamer. Right next door to the Pinball Hall of Fame, just a few miles away from the Vegas strip, lays a lonely game store that sits in between a massage parlor and a plumbing centre.

Absolute bliss is the feeling received as you walk through the heavenly gates of A Gamers Paradise. A Mecca of gaming history, wall-to-wall carts and CD’s dating back to the late 70s right through to today, awaits you. Check out Matt’s video tour of both the Pinball Hall of Fame and A Gamers Paradise below.

[youtube id=”rEhEEGiu_0U” width=”600″ height=”350″]

This place, and its prices, is impressive! What was considered common titles but harder to find in Australia, were only $5 – $10 on average. Even the rarer titles were reasonably priced.

Make sure you look through their glass cabinets at the front of the store: this is where some of their rarer and highly collectable games and consoles lie, all of which are for sale. This little beauty was caught staring right back, however, Matt chose not to fork out the $200 USD they wanted for it.

Special Mention Haul:

  • • Sega Nomad complete in Carry Case – $90 USD
  • • Street Fighter 2 for the NES – $20 USD


East Coast, Chantilly, Virginia – eStarland

Known for their online store and featured by Billy and Jay of the Game Chasers, with just a 45 minute drive from the centre of Washington DC, in the middle of a commercial business park, lies this little Warehouse gem.

As soon as you walk through the doors, you will wonder whether you are in the correct place at all. A large reception area sits in the middle, with meeting rooms on both sides. As you walk towards the back you are then greeted to the familiar sights and sounds of people and games, and when we say games, we mean games, everywhere! There isn’t one piece of the warehouse that isn’t covered in either carts or merchandise.

As with most stores across the US, you will find both retro and new for sale. Unfortunately there aren’t any retro consoles on display for sale here, you will need to ask the clerks on a specific system you may be after, however there are boxes and boxes around the store to suggest that they have these consoles in stock. Disappointingly, they didn’t have many.

What they lack in consoles, they certainly make up for it in games. Anything from NES, Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn,Dreamcast, PS, 3DO, Neo Geo, Vectrex, SNES, Atari, Collecovision, Intellivision, (you get the idea) was available for sale.

Considering that eStarland does most of their business online, all items in the warehouse have no price tags, so being a retro collector in Australia and never seeing anything like this before, Matt grabbed over three baskets of goodies, planted them on the front counter and asked the clerk to price everything up.

Towards the back of the warehouse through another doorway was a fairly secluded room with about five arcade cabinets and one great looking Star Wars Pinball machine. These machines were available to play and buy outright. The prices are simply amazing. The Star Wars Pinball, created by Data East in the early 90’s was $3000.00USD, Sunset Riders 4 player arcade cabinet was a mere $500 USD, and this is without haggling!

What was later found out, after speaking with the young lads behind the counters, is that the room with these arcade machines is actually used for Game exchange, a marketplace by gamers for gamers. Basically, there would be tables full of systems and games. The general public can simply bring in anything they wanted to trade in to other gamers, no resellers, no stall holders or shop owners, just other gamers. Unfortunately, the next one was in another week’s time, and therefore Matt missed out on something that would have been quite awesome.

Overall , a visit here is definitely recommended! If you are ever in the Washington DC area, hire a car and take the short drive on the freeway to Chantilly – you won’t be disappointed.

Matt actually bought the most of his haul from eStarland as their prices were very reasonable, but don’t forget to haggle! And as a tourist, make sure you get the State tax removed as a bare minimum.

Special Mention Haul:

  • Virtual Bart for the Sega Genesis CIB – $15.00 USD
  • Miracle Warriors for the Sega Master System – $12.00 USD
  • Batman & Robin for the Sega CD CIB – $25.00 USD

Stay tuned for Part 2 where Matt will show an exclusive video on New York City’s best retro game store, 8 Bit & Up, as well as shots of Nintendo World’s retro museum and Video Games NYC. Watch this space…