RD Podcast Episode 23: With Weird & Retro

In this weeks episode, we are joined by one half of the team from Weird & Retro, none other than Aleks “Serblander” Svetislav! Aleks takes us through his time with Weird & Retro, their involvement with the Computer Games Boot Camp run by Monash University and it’s work with the charity TLC for Kids, as well as the various events & retro gaming clubs that he helps run on a regular basis.

We also run through a plethora of recent news covering everything from new retro consoles (wait..what?), upcoming retro releases, PAX Australia tickets being sold out and the Kickstarter campaign for the Ecco The Dolphin spiritual successor, The Big Blue. We also discuss the controversial topic of the pros & cons of emulation and is it ok, even in moderation?

Finally, we find out that one member of the Retro Domination team has been concealing a hidden talent from the rest of the group for this entire time. Can you guess who? Listen to find out the shocking (and we really do mean shocking!) answer!


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