RD Podcast Episode 19: The Video Craze

In this week’s special episode we feature Dave Danzara, Director of the documentary “The Video Craze- Where were you in 82?” A documentary on the Arcade Scene in the 80’s from collectors to high score masters. Encompassing the passion and nostalgia that is felt through the whole arcade community.  Also the team gets all hazy eyed and remembers their top arcade memories and their Top 5 Arcade games.

So fill your pockets with quarters,  crack a beer and get ready for a “Potential Kill Screen!”


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 A documentary that examines the impact of the arcade, from the people who where first to embrace the worldwide video game culture.


IMDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2312464/

Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/THEVIDEOCRAZE

Dave Danzara’s film seeks to show that many aspects of today’s gaming scene are firmly rooted in the arcade culture of the 1980’s. And, he believes for this film to fulfill its destiny, it must focus not only on the games and the arcades themselves, but on the actual people who were the first to embrace the worldwide video game culture, capturing there memories and feelings on film as a oral history for future generations to study. The film, in particular, documents the lives and shared memories of the classic arcade collectors who grew up in the arcades.

Starring: Paul Dean Steve Hertz Richie Knucklez Walter Day Cat DeSpira Ben Gold Sean Newton Alan Radue Scott Zeiser Richard Lint Chris Connally Scott Leftwich Zack Green Bill Johnston Dave Danzara, Keith Apicary Billy Mitchell and more….

Directed / Produced By: Dave Danzara

Assistant Director: Scott Zeiser and Natalie Rossetti

Producer: Steve Grunberger

Written By: Dave Danzara, Sean Newton, Scott Zeiser

Edited by: Dave Danzara, Natalie Rossetti, Scott Zeiser

Camera Men: Sean Teideman, Brent Dolan, James Drum, Robert Newell

Animation by: Peter Hirschberg

Soundtrack provided By: Rosso Corsa Records and Tonite Records – Lazerhawk, Miami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder, Lost Years, Action Jackson, FM Attack