RD Community Review – Star Wars Arcade 32X

Star Wars Arcade for the 32X was basically a port of the popular Arcade Cockpit Version most of us would have seen or played in the early 90’s. The difference being that the 32X version included extra levels, this could be selected in the menu option under 32X mode. You could also play the original arcade version, if so you choose.








While the game is faithful to the arcade version. It does suffer from graphical pop up and occasional slow down. I don’t know whether this is due to the limitations of the 32X or just because it was rushed by SEGA? Because at the time the 32X needed something to keep it alive, and this was one of those titles. Unfortunately for the struggling mushroom it never worked !!! This being said Star Wars Arcade 32X is still an enjoyable experience. There is nothing like shooting down an X-wing fighter with the Death Star in the background, then doing the Skywalker fly-in with R2 D2 beeping in your ear and then flying out and watching the Death Star explode.

And this is just the first level!!!








The sound compression in the megadrive was never going to make audiophiles smile with glee, but with the added sound chips in the 32X. It really makes this game shine in a sound fest of Star Wars musical scores and effects. Everything from the Star wars orchestral intro to the sound of X-wing fighters and their lasers, to the satisfaction of an X-wing exploding in space is just a pleasure to your senses and is really a compliment to the 32X and what it improved over the Megadrive.








Review written by Jason Voncina