RD Community Gamesroom- Josh Aveling’s Master System Extravaganza!

So, this is my Sega Master System collection…

As of writing this there are 570 unique game/variations.


I started out buying a few lots on ebay to relive the dozen or so games I had as a kid. Looking back I had a pretty decent selection back then – Wonderboy III, Shinobi, Psycho Fox and even Alex Kidd in High Tech World I still play even now and again. Even now with at least one copy of (almost) every game released for the system, the games I had back then are still the ones that get played the most today.

The main goal for me is to obtain a complete Australian/Ozisoft set. It’s tricky as so many games here were also imported from Europe with the “Sega Classics” sticker slapped on the front. Obviously I’m into collecting even very minor variants so any game that’s different in any way that passes through my hands goes straight into the collection. More info and photos can be found on a thread I keep updated here – http://segacollect.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=doom&action=display&thread=62

First Shelf –

Includes European ‘Classics’ and ‘Kixx’ variations, Korean releases, Japanese releases, Card games (from all over the world), Tec Toy releases (Brazil) and Portuguese Purple releases. Also the peripherals – A Japanese system, 3D glasses and Light Phaser, all new in box. There’s also the strange one-off stuff here – Prototypes, Kiosk carts and Demo carts.

Second Shelf –

The top half is all US releases – I’m about a dozen games short of a full set here. The bottom half is all European stuff – especially games that didn’t get a releases either in Australia or the US.

Third Shelf –

This is the Australian shelf. All games released here by Ozisoft (not including imports). Some cool stuff we got here would include the Double Packs (10 released) and Silver games (6 released)