Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 16- The one where Sega released a computer

Is it See-ga, or Say-ga? This, and many more things are discussed as your PRESS PLAY ON TAPE Podcast hosts Alex, Daz and Aaron take a look at that one time Sega entered the Home Computer market. Joined by Tim from the Retro Domination & +3 to Geekdom podcasts, we explore Sega’s history in the lead up to, and following the release of their SC-3000 computer.

The group discusses the different versions of the SC-3000 and where it was released, before taking a peek under the hood to see what hardware drove it. Listen as we talk through some of the accessories Sega made for it – including what might be one of the most expensive floppy disk add-ons ever! It’d be a boring computer without the games, and given SEGA’s arcade history there’s plenty to be discussed. The team runs through some of the games for the SC-3000, including a unique hidden gem from two of Sega’s greatest developers that you’ll only find on the SC-3000 (and SG-1000)!


This month Daz finally got his chance to pick Activision as the publisher of choice, who almost need no introduction. As the world’s first independent games publisher, they have an overwhelming history of games to choose from, yet our listeners still manage to pull a few out from left-field.


Regardless of how you pronounce SEGA, the Press Play on Tape team won’t judge you, and hope you enjoy this month’s episode!

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