Press Play on Tape episode 19: The Tasmanian Epoch

After a short hiatus and some technical fun, Press Play on Tape flips sides and loads in a new adventure!

Aaron welcomes one of the podcast’s new hosts, none other than fellow Tasmanian: Tony Cruise! You might remember him from his MSX masterclass back in episode 5, and he’s on-board to help share the hosting duties and bring some vintage computing programming expertise to the crew (not to mention pour some MSX-flavoured water on the C64 love!). We also talk through some of the highlights from the Classic Gaming Area at PAX Australia 2016 – Just how long did the River Raid comp go for you ask? Listen and find out…

Publisher of choice this month was Newsfield’s own in-house studio: Thalamus! Known for kick-ass music, developer journals in Crash & Zzap64!, Thalamus has quite the legacy to look back over.

Kick back, tune in and join us as we Press Play on Episode 19!


Outro track is an Atari 8-bit version of the Sanxion theme.

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