Press Play on Tape episode 18: Atari’s 8-bit legacy

The tape is rewound, the counter set to zero, and that means only one thing: it’s time to Press Play on Tape! This month, Alex, Daz and Aaron are joined by Serby from Weird and Retro to take a look back at Atari’s 8-bit computer range. Alex runs us through Atari’s lineup, spanning from the Atari 400 to the ST-inspired 130XE, before handing over the Serby to discuss his beloved XE Games System!

After picking Llamasoft as Publisher of Choice for this month, the crew discuss the many weird and wonderful games they’ve given us over the years. The group also discovers that Jeff Minter’s games were responsible for them getting the Atari Jaguar, Nuon and the PS Vita!


On a more subdued note, it’s with great sadness that this episode sees us saying goodbye to Alex and Darren from the show. Both have made the difficult decision to step down from regular hosting duties in order to focus on other projects. The show will go on, but they both will be missed.


Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy this month’s episode!

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