OZ Comic-Con – A Retro Dominating Experience

Robert Englund, Tom Skerritt, Richard Dean Anderson, Hodor!! These were some of the names to appear at OZ Comic Con 2014, the event being held at the old exhibition building in Melbourne. So on a cold wintery morning Daz Retro and your’s truly headed out to yet another huge convention. We were fortunate enough to be invited to promote PAX Australia 2014. As you may know, Retro Domination co-hosted the classic console area at PAX Aus 2013. So forming part of the PAX Australia official booth, along with The Couch Warriors, we made available a retro console to play on both the Saturday and Sunday of OZ Comic Con, namely a Sega Mega Drive and Sony PlayStation.


Concentrating on x 4 multiplayer games, we had the ever impressive Mega Bomberman on the SMD, this proved quite popular with gamers as they duked it out on a lovely big 68cm CRT Trinitron. Swapping over the SMD for the Sony PSone for the Sunday, both Poy Poy and Crash Team Racing got the lion share of gamers drooling for more. Special mentions include Streets of Rage 2, Sonic 3 and Super Street Fighter 2, as enjoyed by Chun Li below.


Called to duty yet again, we had some of the PAX enforcers on hand to lend one! When things were crazy they stepped up to mark yet again and proved how invaluable these boys and girls are. Thank you again.

Thousands upon thousands piled in to the Exhibition Building, booths were set up throughout the arena, boasting many collectible figures, posters, comics and general pop culture wares. Whilst the convention didn’t have much by way of video games, it did have enthusiasts, what convention would be complete without Cos Play?

This year’s event boasted the most impressive Cos Play characters that I have ever witnessed. From Jack Sparrow, Decepticon’s, Zelda and Link and Mario, to those damn Daaleks, it had it all. Not to mention Master Chief enjoying some” Just Dance” action.


I managed to sneak out of my duties at the booth to attend a couple of celebrity panels, I managed to catch the end of both Kristian Nairn and Daniel Portman AKA Hodor and Podrick from Game of Thrones Q&A, Kristin commented on why Hodor’s lines are an actor’s dream come true, considering he only says “Hodor” in the show, as well as the beginning of Richard Dean Anderson’s AKA MacGyver. Interestingly enough, Richard was on a the recent Qantas flight from LA to Melbourne when water pipes burst on the plane and therefore had to be turned around back to LAX, I was surprised Richard didn’t turn to his MacGyver roots and use a rubber band and a paper clip to stop the awful mess it created.


I was fortunate enough to catch the entire Robert Englund AKA Freddy Krueger Q&A. How can such a very personable and friendly man play the most evil character in the genre of horror? Robert was a gentleman, some great questions came out from the fans and it was interesting to listen to Robert recount his days of playing Freddy, for instance some of the inspiration Robert used to conjure Freddy came from the makeup tent. During the very first Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert who was virtually unknown and sitting in the make- up chair on a hot summer’s day, thick paint was applied to Robert’s face, as well as bits of plastic and fake blood. Sitting next to him was a young and impressionable Johnny Depp, light make-up was applied on his face and a desk fan was in front of him to keep him cool. No such luck for Robert, he had to sit there in the heat without a fan and considering Freddy’s distastes for the youth, he used that moment to get pissed off.


Juggling the PAX booth, Panels and Cos Play characters, I did manage to head over to the Nintendo arena to play one of the most anticipated Nintendo games of the year, Super Smash Bros. Choosing Little Mac to begin with, I was thrown into the deep end and battled 3 other opponents. With only a limited number of characters to choose from and 3 playable stages, I button mashed my way to victory and thankfully it’s all on video! My first impressions were the simple beauty in the level designs and character animations, the fact that it is now in HD and the rumor of online multiplayer will make this game one of the biggest sellers for the Wii U, next to Mario Kart 8. Hyrule Warriors was also on display and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to get my hands on it and fight as Link, however from what I observed, it looked and played very similar to the Dynasty Warrior franchise.


It was a busy and exciting two days, a great time was had by all, Special thanks goes to Guy “Yug” Blomberg for the invitations and to assist in supporting PAX. A friendly reminder PAX Australia 2014 will be held this year at Melbourne’s Convention Centre (Jeff’s Shed) from October 31st to November 2nd. All 3 day and Saturday passes are SOLD OUT, so make sure you jump on to the PAX website http://www.paxaustralia.com.au and grab your Friday and Sunday passes now. Also catch the Retro and Console Domination teams at the new and improved Classic Console Area.


As for me, I am off to the land of wonder (Adelaide) for the next big convention, meeting up with team Retrospekt at AV Con. Bring it on!!!