Oz Comic-Con 2016 Wrap Up

Oz Comic-Con has been and passed in 2016, displaying local and overseas Comic talent, celebrities from TV shows, the dazzling Cosplay and a whole heap of awesome merchandise to scour through! Luckily the team from Retro Domination/ +3 to Geekdom  were invited to soak up the awesomeness!

Melbourne Exhibition Center once again played host for the Convention, on what was a chilly winter weekend, but despite the cooler temperatures and biting wind, it didn’t deter the punters from coming along and experiencing what Oz Comic-Con had on offer.


Among some of the Comic talent appearing was our own Tom Taylor, who worked on the Injustice- Gods Amongst Us comic line, and more recently the Animated family show, The Deep. Another amazing artist to attend was Tristin Jones, whose work on Dark Horses current comic Aliens Defiance, is a spectacle to behold. And, i was lucky enough to score a limited Alien print from the man himself! Nice!


If rifling through a plethora of back issues or comic art isn’t your thing, there was plenty more on offer to satiate the masses.

Cosplayers reveled in showing off their hard work, and thankfully, for once…there wasn’t a million Deadpools! Cosplay ranged from Sailor Moon, Dr Who, Spiderman, Batman and many more.

The vendors themselves were plentiful, and if you were after something, no doubt you’d find it amongst the maze of mini shops throughout.

The geeks dream shopping center, Pop Vinyls, huge resin statues of super heroes, posters, pop culture inspired t shirts, action figures new and old, board games and of course comics!

Being that we have a soft spot for Retro, we were pleased to discover the new Spiderman Pinball and an old Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet. So, naturally, us being us, we spent a bit of time trying to master our “Pinball Wizardry”.



Another great inclusion was the Tabletop Gaming area. After being on our feet for hours, it was great to take a load off and play a game or two, which were taught to us by the volunteers from the ProGamers store. We delved into a few card games in Boss Monster 2 and Exploding Kittens (its ok..its very comical). Also on offer was a few sessions of Dungeons and Dragons, if you felt heroic enough, which was kindly DM’d for you to get you on your journey, or you could also pop your feet up and enjoy one of the many games on offer from the Board Game library.


Comic Con caters to so many different people and compliments their interests by providing something for everybody. Although we could only attend on the Sunday, we felt we’d only scratched the surface of all the things we could see and do. But most importantly, we’d had a great time meeting like minded people, chilling out, taking in the views and left for home with a bag of nerdy goodies and a big smile on our faces.

Until next year Comic Con!