Monty on the Run – C64

Before you think Super Mario was the only awesome platform game of the early 80’s, their were some great timeless classics that never got the attention they deserve. Here is one of the stand out games on the humble Commodore 64.

Monty On the Run – Developer – Gremlin Graphics – Year- 1985

This cool plat-former was one hard game to beat! You play as Monty Mole and your on the run from the authorities. First you must select 5 items for your freedom kit to help you on your adventure. Items include Gas Mask, Rope, Floppy Disk and many others. It’s very important you select the right items to progress through the game. For Example the rope will help you down a drop, jet pack to get you up on a certain platform and a umbrella so you don’t get wet (Don’t worry it all makes sense). The catch is each item will only work once when it’s needed at a certain position in the game so it gets very tricky.

You start off at your home and then jump, climb and dodge your way through some wacky types of levels. Enemies you will encounter consist of tea pots, weird looking faces, clocks and bubbles, Yes like I said, it’s wacky!!! There are also items to collect on the way for bonus points, like coins, bunnies and cupcakes, just be careful you don’t pick up the dynamite or otherwise it’s KA-BLAMMMMM. On the way there will be Elevator’s, Sprinklers that teleport you to other areas and a Jet pack if you select it at the beginning of the game. It’s just awesome how much the programmers squashed into this game especially on a single load.


If you succeed you will finally see the boat that will send you off to the English channel where the authorities can’t catch you. The thing is you will have a hard time doing it. Graphics are very ZX Spectrum but with a smoother feel and it has no lag at all. Music is where this game stands out as it was created by the great Rob Hubbard. I can promise you that you will leave this game with the tune stuck in your head for days because it’s so damn awesome. Please don’t let the graphics put you off because your in for a ride.

The game has so much replay value as it depends on what items you choose which in turn plays differently. So get out and play the damn game!!!!!! 😉

Score 4/5

World Map

                                                                WORLD MAP