Ipega PG-9017 Wireless Bluetooth Controller Review – iOS/Android

Are you over using your fingers and touch screen on your Tablet or Phone when playing games? Well I was lucky enough to try out the ipega PG-9017 sent by the lovely lads at www.MobileZap.com.au

Let’s have a look at what it has to offer.


The ipega PG-9017 controller comes in a well packaged box which is also nicely presented. It includes a micro USB charge cable, instructions on how to sync the controller with your device, and the controller itself. The instructions are necessary, which I will discuss further.

One fine Controller

Build wise, it is sort of a mixed bag. The controller itself feels nice in the hand and the buttons spring back really well. The only qualm is that the telescopic arm felt like it was going to break when using it with a Sony Xperia Z, but it held on fine. The analog sticks felt comfortable to use with small fingers, but larger handed people might have a bit of trouble. The D-pad was perfect and very responsive, and the shoulder buttons also felt right in use.


C64 – Manomio

The first real test came when trying to connect the controller to an Apple iPad. It just wouldn’t sync, and pressing the home button didn’t work either.  Thinking it couldn’t have been due to a flat battery because it had been charged beforehand, plus the red LED was flashing, it was time to pull out those instructions. Going by the manual, you have to repeatedly press the Y button before holding down the home button when syncing. After a few attempts, it worked, and it worked well with most of the games tried.

The second test came with syncing it with the Sony Xeperia Z, where funnily enough, the instructions clearly state that the unit will have compatibility problems with version 4.2 of Android. Fortunately, there was no such problem with syncing and the games ran without a hitch. The battery life is also very good, having used it for a couple of hours straight, and it still wanted to keep on trucking.

Blazing Star – NeoGeo

The response rate of the ipega PG-9017 was instantaneous;  just as good as the iCade 8-Bitty. One thing that was very annoying, but I am not sure whose fault it is, is that some games have the weirdest button mapping and I am not sure they can be remapped manually. For example, when using Mame on the iPad, it would not allowed me to assign the buttons, only the d-pad, so that was a little disappointing. By comparison, the 8-Bitty had no trouble with Mame as the buttons were mapped correctly. But where this pad trumps the 8-bitty is with the compatibility rate with the games available on AppStore and Google Play. 95% of the apps tested with the ipega PG-9017 were mapped perfectly, whereas the 8-Bitty’s buttons were all over the place.

Akane The Kunoich!
Akane The Kunoich!

Overall, if you want the perfect control pad for iOS or Android, look no further: the ipega PG-9017 is here! Makes retro gaming a breeze!

Thank you to Chris from MobileZap.com.au for allowing myself to review this product.

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