Invasion Expo – Warrnambool Victoria

So while away on holidays I came across this mini expo, which is on display till the end of Jan 2013. Called Invasion, the expo has a bunch of sweet and sexy movie props from some great movies  like The Preditor, Terminator, Star Wars, Face Off to name a few. Sorry about the poor lighting as the expo was rather dark and this was all filmed on the fly with my iPhone while I was out hunting for some retro games, so take a look and enjoy 🙂


A massive blockbuster art exhibition is set to invade Warrnambool in December. The remarkable exhibition brings together an army of famous and infamous, aliens, monsters, props and costumes from the Sci-Fi blockbusters.

The exhibition is being brought to Australia from the UK exclusively for the Warrnambool Art Gallery.

On show will be original props and costumes from the greatest sci-fi movies and TV shows of all time – Star Wars, Alien, Predator, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Mars Attack, X-files, Planet of the Apes, Andromeda, Stargate Atlantas, Red Dwarf and many more.
The Invasion exhibition will run from December 1 until January 28.

Expect to be enthralled, and maybe just a little bit frightened. Few have faced up to an Alien cyborg and lived to tell the tale!