Introducing NESQUESTER!!

Ok guys, to restore the balance of Nintendo love,

we have enlisted the help of a fellow gamer and Retro enthusiast, namely Mike Wright aka Nesquester!

Mikes quest, as it is, is to review “In order of release, every NES game ever!!”according to his site-

Certainly, a mammoth task to undertake,

so over the next coming weeks we will be reposting Mikes previous works for you to enjoy. Then we’ll roll with all his latest works!

So grab beer, some reading glasses, and prepare thyselves for Mikes quite hilarious takes on these classic games!


In the words of the man himself-

“Eschewing a mildly successful professional wrestling career to share his love for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Mike “NESquester” Wright combines a one-two punch of deep gaming history with a mind dirtier than the floor of a Red Light District theater to entertain as well as educate through his reviews. Mike’s mission is a ridiculous undertaking of reviewing every NES game ever released and in between to retain sanity conducts interviews and discusses other systems to a lesser extent.”

Well, im sold! Welcome aboard!