In Search for the Best Adventure Game Part 2

Doc, I’m back, from the future!

Now where did I finish up? I know, I’ll just load up a save file and begin where I left off… Oh FFS sake! The save file is corrupted. Well at this point it’s time to load up a new set of games: Roger Will Comply!

The Space Quest Series took us from McDonalds to Microsoft, created by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy of Sierra On-Line who went by the alias “The Two guys from Andromeda”. The six part series saw a Space Janitor by the name of Roger Wilco searching for “Truth, Justice and Really Clean Floors”.

The Sarien Encounter was the first introduction into the Space Quest franchise and Roger Wilco, released in 1986 and selling in excess of 200,000 copies (not bad considering games were easily pirated). This was then re-released in 1991 and remade using Sierra’s newer SCI language, which basically allowed the game to upgrade from its original EGA graphics to VGA.

Funnily enough, you as the game player are never told of the hero’s name. Instead you are asked to input your own, however the default name of Roger Wilco, “Roger Will Comply” became the official name in later games of the series.



Roger Wilco, Not Over and Out!

Whilst there are only six parts to the Space Quest Series, fans will undoubtly know that both Crowe and Murphy have reunited under the banner of SpaceVenture . A Kickstarter project was started mid last year where they reached their goal of $500,000 and thus began work on a completely new space comedy, which is the spiritual successor to the Space Quest series. What is unique about this is that while games are created using CGI , this will have the option of Retro Graphics. Keep an eye out for this one!

Sierra had a major impact on my childhood, however I would be silly not to mention my first introduction into the point and click genre of LucasArts. Oh, just the name makes me sob, considering now Disney have disbanded them. LucasArts were famous for recreating their LucasFilm movie franchises – Indiana Jones and Star Wars – into games, not to mention original ideas such as Maniac Mansion, Zac McCracken, and Loom. But one adventure game series stood out as their golden child, or in this case, idol!


The Secret of Monkey Island.

Imagine yourself in the Golden Age of Piracy: The 18th Century. Location: The Caribbean.

Ron Gilbert, Ted Schafer and Dave Grossman were the genius’s behind the Monkey Island series under the now defunct LucasArts banner. Known for its humor and the star difficult to die character, Guybrush Threepwood.

The series debuted in 1990, available for MS-DOS, Atari ST and Mac, the game was later ported to the Amiga, FM Towns and the Mega CD in 1993. This is where my Amiga took a hold of my life and all I thought about was ways I could defeat LeChuck and become a mighty pirate in the process.

Soon you’ll be wearing my sword like a shish-kebab. First you’d better stop waving it like a feather duster.
“Insult Sword Fighting” is a major feature of many of the Monkey Island graphic adventure games. It is a form of sword fighting in which the participants, as well as trading blows with their swords, also trade cutting insults at appropriate moments. The best insult wins and therefore it allows Guybrush to progress through the game, on his way to becoming the pirate he was destined to be.

Along with a quick tongue, be prepared to thieve, pillage and say “Argh” many times throughout the game throughout your quest. There is also an amusing moment with a Used Ship Salesman in the process.

The game’s quirkiness, humour and originality won over the masses and it quickly became one of the most entertaining adventure games of our time. In fact, this is the reason why it has been remade in HD.

In the next and last part to this search, we will look at the mistakes and remakes of the adventure game series, crossing over to the now popular Telltale Games franchise and beyond. Stay tuned.

Marty, it’s time to go back, back to the future…

To Be Continued