Holy Grails…should you?

Holy Grails….

We all have them, whether you collect for the Dreamcast, NES or Nokia N-Gage, (errrr thats like 2 people..) there’s always that elusive title that you lust over.

Youre there looking at it on ebay, hovering over the “Buy It Now” button, shaking with excitement…

“man…do i need this?”

“gosh, its sure expensive…”

“But Dammit! ive wanted it for ages!”

Weve all been there before. And like many others i recently took the plunge.

Was it a beautiful moment?

Or was it buyers remorse later on?

Being a Sega fanboy since my younger years, id had a few titles that id fawned over and dreamed of owning. One of those was Radiant Silvergun for the Sega Saturn. Treasures world renowned SHMUP, despite only ever getting a local release in Japan, was one that always caught my attention.


The culprit..

Id spent countless hours on Ikaruga on the Dreamcast, Gamecube and even the HD remake on XBLA, honing my skills. A game so sublime, i rank up there as one of my all time favorites.

Through casually perusing a retro mag, i learned of Radiant Silverguns existance. The “Rave reviews” from hardened shmup addicts touting it the “God of all that is shootery stuffs”. An ingenious weapons system scheme, quirky storyline and a challenge that put standard shooters at the time to shame, what wasnt to like?



As i read on, my wallet began to twitch… oh dear…i needed this game. And like any other game you discover to be amazing, it also came with an “amazing” price tag (obvious sarcasm).

For years i watched, as copies passed my watch list by…







Indy pondered the dangers…

Inflation, and the rabid fervor that collectors snapped this title up increased dramatically.

Until one day, i bit the bullet and pressed that dreaded “Buy It Now” button.

The heart was racing and palms were sweaty. As soon as it was paid for and in the mail…there was a sense of triumph and calm.

Id done it. Finally.

Upon its arrival, i gently unwrapped it and placed it in my Sega Saturn, popped the power on and was blown away for the next few hours. I was playing it. On a legitimate copy! (ehem…cough) and it was glorious. But as time passed, the excitement waned, i wouldn’t rush home to play it, and if i did, it was only for a quick 15 minute blast.

Soon what was placed high on my shelf for all to see, for me to adore and gloat over, was now….just on my shelf…like all the other hundreds of games.. and i was back on ebay, ever searching..

This made me think, are these alleged “Holy Grails” worth it? Prior to having it, it was that sore point in my collection that bugged me, and now its there….its just..there.

I think this is the hard part of collecting. We are spoiled for choice. Theres always something else that pops up to keep us going.

The thrill of finally holding that item in your hands is momentary. Whether its a Little Samson, Smurfs 2 or a Musha Aleste its all the same.

No, im not saying “dont chase your retro gaming dreams”, i just wanted to let you know how i felt during my expierience.

In no way do i regret buying Radiant Silvergun, man, it was a blast, and most importantly fantastic to play, just next time, i may just have mercy on my wallet…..maybe…