Happy Console Gamer Movie

It’s taken a few years, but Johnny Millenium’s movie debut has finally arrived.

Was it worth the wait? Oh yes it was!! The movie stars YouTubers Johnny and Rob Man as well as cameos from John Gamester in a little funny scene.I don’t want to explain the movie as it will spoil the experience.

I feel Johnny has paid homage to Sega in his feature, so Sega fan boys will be very excited with this. The effects are done really well and there’s blood and humour in there for good measure. Awesome Music soundtrack was created by All Gen co-host and The Emu Review creator Jason Heine. (I really “dug” the music in the cemetery scene).

I can see a great future for Johnny and I hope he gets the attention he deserves for his hard work.

All in all check it out, set aside a hour grab some popcorn and enjoy. Well done Johnny and Crew!

-Daz Retro

[youtube id=”_UUBJFtBkDA” width=”600″ height=”350″]