Geekdom United Podcast Episode 20 – The one about Oz Comic Con and Laser Discs!

It’s Episode 20 of the Geekdom United Podcast, yes you read it right! We are releasing podcasts like they are out of fashion. This week see’s Timmy and Matt attend Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, other than the slew of collectables, figures, comics and even vinyl records, the key stars this year were fantastic, a line up including Alyson Hannigan, Jason Momoa, Sherilyn Fenn and let’s not forget the last immortal, there can only be one, Christopher Lambert. We discuss the day’s events, what we spent our hard earned coin on and who we bumped into. In addition, Matt and Daz attended a Q&A with Christopher Lambert and a special showing of Highlander at the Astor Theatre in Melbourne.

If that wasn’t enough reason to tune in, Timmy introduces a new segment to the show which involves Lasers and Discs!! An episode you can’t miss, so grab your favourite super hero pyjamas, put them on and tune in.


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