Geekdom United Movie Reviews Ep 1 – Torture Garden & The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Geekdom United returns with the new mini review episodes! Fear not, these are mini episodes featuring some of the films our team is sent to review, and the regular show shall continue as normal..ehem… explanations aside, in todays episode Tim checks out the classic chiller from 1967 in Torture Garden as well as the even more scarier, The Austopsy of Jane Doe. A terrifying double bill of shocks, jolts and edge of your seat stuff! So put up your feet, grab your finest glass of embalming fluid (errr..what?) and enjoy!

Torture Garden can be bought here and the super scary Autopsy of Jane Doe can be bought here! Huge thanks to Via Vision Entertainment and Umbrella Entertainment for their ongoing support!

Music featured for Geekdom United by the awesome Chris Holland:


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