Gaming with Van Damme – Matt McGers McCawley

From the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong to the watery streets of Siam, JCVD has starred in some of the most influential movies of my childhood to date.


Classics such as Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Cyborg and my personal favorite Wrong Bet aka Lionheart were the movies I watched over and over again, studying his most famous move, the helicopter kick, whilst I never mastered this move (I have injured myself a number of times trying) I have always thought that it would be so awesome, if I was to master it in a video game.


Whilst JCVD has starred in a small number of games, such as Universal Soldier (Turrican re-skinned), Timecop and Street Fighter the movie, JCVD was never used to his full potential. Even in SF the movie JCVD’s moves were limited to Guile’s and not his own (and most us guys played as Cammy, sported by the sexy Kylie Minogue).


Timecop is an interesting one. Although the game was released for the SNES, it was also developed for the Mega CD in May 1995, the game was fully completed, however it was pulled by the developer, JVC and it remains unreleased on this version. All the actors were filmed in front of a blue screen, so that the players move more lifelike. You can actually control JCVD, however the martial arts are limited and it is essentially a beat em up sequel to the movie.         


As you may be aware, my favorite genre of gaming is the “point and click”, Lucas Arts made Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, why couldn’t they make Bloodsport, A Quest for Glory? Stay with me here, you take control of Frank Ducks, “no no no no its Dux, Gotcha like put up your Dukes right”? We start the game in Hong Kong, miss all that “Round eye” “You cannot steal Katana sword by stealing, it is very special sword, you must earn it” crap and begin the game trying to find the damn Kumite, you may remember the amount of alley ways both Frank and Ray Jackson went down to find the dojo where the Kumite was being held! OK USA.


End the game with the mammoth live action fight between JCVD and Bolo Yeung’s, Chong Li, not to be confused with Chun Li. You remember Bolo, he was that “Big Chinese Mother Fu^%ker with a big scar on his cheek” from Double Impact and the dude that didn’t say anything in Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon.

Can’t you just hear Stan Bush’s, Fight to Survive song running through your head now?


Whilst this isn’t retro related, Expendables 2 the video game was released on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in July of this year, it is a four-player Co-Op Shoot em up and whist I haven’t played this game, I was disappointed to learn that this is a prequel to Expendables 2, therefore no JCVD??? Why is that when movie games are released, they are never about the movie anymore, it’s always a follow up or a prequel?

As Van Damme would say “It looks good when you see someone kicking at the age of 51 with no double. It’s kinda cool for people to know that past 50 we can keep flexible.”