EB Games & Starlight Gameathon

You should always think of the children! Well EB Games have and once again partnered with the Starlight Foundation for the ‘Starlight Foundation Gameathon’. I attended the Swanston St, Melbourne, store.


I had a quick squiz inside and I could see people having a blast! There, I could spot the Weird and Retro team doing some live streaming for the Gameathon. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to talk to fellow retro gamer Alex Serblander as he was occupied in a live stream (and doing a fine job at that with his team), but what a fantastic idea it is to raise money for a great organisation like the Starlight Foundation and to get so many people from the community involved in this way. The area was decked out with 3DS handhelds, Xbox 360, PS3 consoles and PC’s running all the favourites.

The ‘Starlight Foundation Gameathon’ runs for 25 hours straight with live streaming for its entire duration. Throughout Starlight Week, all EB Games stores will be donating 10% from each game trade and $5 from every game purchase to Starlight, with EB Games stores being an official Starlight Day donation-point nationwide. A big thank you to the EB games staff for their help, and a extra big thank you to Kelsey for making it possible to access the area at short notice.

Remember it’s always a right time to donate http://www.starlight.org.au/Pages/default.aspx