Dune – Sign Of The Worm – DIY Cover – Banjo Guy Ollie

Banjo Guy Ollie puts down the banjo and becomes a one man band as he covers “Sign Of The Worm” from the cult classic Dune. What’s truly amazing about this particular cover are the sheer amount of household items that Ollie uses as makeshift instruments to produce this fantastic piece of acoustic music!From the man himself:

“I used two chromatic harmonicas, one in C and one in G. Both have slight tone differences that I preferred on some notes. The C one (along with the maracas/shakers) was my late grandfather’s & I’m really glad I still use it for these covers. I wanted all instruments to stay acoustic so I dug up a lot of stuff from my shed. That “chandelier” bit is a crow guard for a chimney. The bar bell was a leftover coping from a skate ramp. The vibrating bars are long screw bits… a bent pvc pipe and an old metal pan :)”

So there you have it! Enjoy!



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