Dave Danzara: The Video Craze Interview

Early this month we had the chance to ask our good friend Dave Danzara a few questions regarding the upcoming release of “The Video Craze”, a movie that is based on the 1980’s video game scene and the pop culture that was spawned from the classic era.

RD SmallThanks Dave for taking some time out to have a brief chat to us regarding the upcoming release of The Video Craze. As you know Daz Retro was very impressed by the movie thanks to your early release to us to review it. The RD Team as a group have a few questions that we wanted to shoot to you, starting with what inspired you to create the movie and when did the idea first come to mind that you wanted to undertake this massive project.

DaveIt was always a dream of mine to become a filmmaker, and so with a artistic background and a little idea, it just started. I never really had a set date, it just happened.
RD Small

During the entire process from start to finish how many people have you had to collaborate with?

DaveWell, that is a tuff one to answer, but initially it was all me, then I had Sean Newton, and Scott Zeiser help out, from that it got more serious, and thats when I needed more help……and when the movie started getting more serious , I grabbed Natalie Rossetti…..from that it took off. Those three people are what made this film come together. With many others of course.

RD SmallWhat were your biggest challenges with the creation of this documentary and  how did you overcome them?

DaveThe biggest was actually how I was gonna go about doing something I have never done before. I never went to film school, and to actually do something without doing anything is scary, and its usually something I would have avoided. But I am glad I stuck with it.

RD SmallSome people make films purely as entertainment, others as a platform to widen appreciations of our understanding of something (in this case, the rise of video games from art form and culture in the early 80’s). Which is it with this film?

DaveI think in this film you will expect a different thing alltogether than the average documentary. My approach was to set the feeling and stage of what it was like for all those who lived it and you will see true emotions and the passion this hobby has. You will also see some comedy, because…..thats just something to add so it isnt too serious, breaks up the I have seen this type of film before, I want it to stand on it’s own. And I was willing to take risks, because if you dont take risks…..you wont achieve much. I have learned that through making this film. I won’t regret a thing, I am pretty happy.

RD Small

LAZERHAWK did an awesome job creating the theme song for the movie. How did that come about?


That was a great pick up for me, to have Rosso Corsa be the soundtrack for the film. I was just searching itunes and came across them form other bands. I reached out to LAZERHAWK and gave him a message and told him what I was doing, and he was thrilled. We eventually became friends and it blossomed from there. He came to me with a track made just for the film……and its a song that is so catchy, I still cant stop singing it 🙂

RD SmallIt’s 2050 and time travel is the in thing. People use the service like public transport. You’re given the opportunity to travel back in time, to 1982 and change something significant about the video game crash. What do you do? Who do you speak to? What machine or platform do you try to steer away from the ashes?

DaveThat a tuff question haha, but….I am unsure how anyone could, and I think its best to have it the way it is for a reason, it makes it that more interesting in a way…..like a dream that came for a moment, but never left. It set the stage for video game culture today, it was groundbreaking.

RD SmallIs there anything you would have done differently now that you can look back at the project?


Yes! more time !!!!! and more funds to make it more quality, but I did the best with what I was able, and I hope that shows.

RD SmallDuring the filming process I’m sure there would have been some memorable moments that might not be caught on film?

DaveYes, and thats all part of the fun of it, things would happen by mistake, and would become a thought of what to do with it, making it even better.

RD SmallWhy should people watch this movie?


DavePeople should watch this movie for a few reasons…..one being it will take you back to what why we are the way we are, the roots if you will. To relate to the same people, so you’re not the only person who has this passion in this hobby. And two….for people who don;t even know about this craziness we have, they will come to understand it, or at least try 😉 And three……becuase you can never get enough when its about video games and all things 80’s. It was a magical time.

RD SmallSo you’ve recently wrapped up post production (congratulations!). So what’s next for Dave Danzara? Any upcoming projects?

DaveHehe….thank you! And yes I have something in the works, and that will be announced very soon 🙂


[gameinfo title=”The Video Craze” Creator=”Dave Danzara” Producer=”Dave Danzara”  platforms=”DVD & Blu Ray” genres=”Video Game Documentary” release_date=”Mid July 2013″]
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There you have it, looking for something that we at Retro Domination think is totally kickass then order your copy of the Dave Danzara’s : The Video Craze Today!