Mayhem in Monsterland – C64 Review

In 1993 the Commodore 64 was graced with a classic platform game that could rival the likes of  Sonic and Mario.

In the last month’s of the C64’s commercial life Steve and John Rowlands of Apex Computer Production’s released their swansong for the little Breadbox! Mayhem in Monsterland was an ambitious project by the duo considering the life of the C64 was at it’s near end and how they pushed the machine to it’s limits. By taking advantage of a bug in the C64’s graphics chip they were able to exploit it and create parallax scrolling not seen on any other game on the system.

But lets talk about the story!! You play as a dinosaur named Mayhem and you must save Monsterland from the error Theo Saurus’ (a apprentice magician) had made when he was practicing spells he acidently turned the lands Jellyland, Pipeland, Spottyland  and amongst others into sad places. Your task is to collect enough magic dust and give it to Theo Saurus and revive the lands back to their happy selves.

At the beginning of each level you are greeted with a dull, dark land with various monsters in your path. Eliminating the enemies are either done by stomping on them (Think Mario) or rushing towards them at high speed (Think Sonic). Besides collecting magic dust there is also stars floating around on the levels which will add points and stop all the lands becoming sad once more.

The sid chip is  pushed to it’s limits with a dark bass sound during the sad levels and uptempo music to reflect the mood of the level and in game sound effects suit the game perfectly.

Mayhem was the first game to get a 100% review from Commodore Format an UK based C64 dedicated magazine and is considered one of the must own titles on the C64.

The game was released on cassette and floppy disk and can still be purchased via The Nintendo Wii Virtual console for 500 points.

I can’t give this game enough praise and I enjoyed it so much as child and I  still go back and play it on occasion. Highly Recommended!!

Score 9/10