Our Favourite Retro Sports Titles

The team at Retro Domination love all sorts of genres in gaming, however some of the hidden gems are hiding in sports titles. Daz and Matt Cawley uncover their favourite games in what is typically an overlooked genre in retro gaming. Daz  When playing retro games I’m usually shooting at spacecraft in games like Bio […]

Neo Geo X Gold – Success to Failure?

You are probably thinking, why bother putting the effort into a review on a system that’s been out since the end of 2012 and all it has received is negative publicity. Unfortunately the system was doomed to fail. In October 2013, less than a year after the system was released, SNK Playmore abruptly terminated their […]

Retro Dominating in the USA Part 1

After an overwhelming response from our awesome community, we at Retro Domination present to you a guide to retro gaming stores you must visit when you are in the United States of America. Be prepared to be overwhelmed in Retro goodness, as we share Matt’s journey through thousands of Carts, CD’s and Consoles.

Vectrex Console Review

The Vectrex, the world’s first portable gaming device With the pending release of the Nintendo 2DS (what are Nintendo thinking?) we at team RD thought that it would be the right time to take you back to the very first portable gaming system.

Neo Geo AES – Review

My love of gaming over the years brought me to a point of wanting a machine that would deliver results of an arcade simulator. Whilst I would of loved to have purchased an arcade machine back in the day, the Neo Geo AES was the next best thing. The console was released on 31 January, […]