Assassination Classroom Movie Collection Review

Have you ever been intrigued to watch a movie just by the box art and the title? Coming from someone that hasn’t watched the Manga animated series previously, I thought to myself, its Japanese, it’s a strange concept and the name suggests killing, what could possibly be wrong?

Well I was pleasantly surprised to watch two quality live action movies which had elements of action, humor, sexual innuendo and heartfelt sorrow. That about sums up Assassination Classroom.

Being a fan of Eastern Eye, with classics such as Azumi 1 & 2, I knew I was in for a treat.

Korosensei is a normal homeroom teacher for Class 3-E of the prestigious Kunugigaoka Junior High School, that’s if you consider normal a yellow bipedal Octopus with a large bulbous head and a huge smile, who only destroyed 70% of the moon, making it a permanent crescent and has plans to destroy the earth after Graduation.

The students of Class 3-E are societies degenerates, lowest of the low, the unteachable. Not only do they have to do their studies but they are specifically tasked by the Ministry of Defense to assassinate their teacher before they graduate. In fact, Korosensei is a combination of the words Korosenai, which means un-killable and the word sensei, which means teacher. The students elected to call him UT for short, like E.T.

UT however has an open contract against him, The Ministry have put up a 10-Billion-yen reward for his death, so you can expect others being encouraged to kill UT before the students do.

The reason why UT is so un-killable is because he can move at the speed of Mach 20 (Speed of Sound) therefore any bullets, knives, explosives, poison and just about anything are useless against him.

The agreement with the Japanese government allowed UT to teach his students “how to kill him” whilst learning Math, Science, English & Home Economics.

Tadaomi Karasuma on behalf of Japan’s Ministry of Defense is the supervisor of UT and admitted as an assistant teacher and PE teacher for the class, Karasuma with the Ministry of Defense devised weapons, specifically guns and knives that are only dangerous to UT and not to humans.

Each of the students have their own unique abilities and flaws, Nagisa Shiota, the main protagonist, who is a small framed boy, typically someone that can be easily bullied and picked on, however he has the unique ability to show inner strength, much of the emotion within the film comes from Nagisa, Kaede Kayano, who is one of Nagisa’s best friends and possible love interest. Kayano experiences a severe complex when it comes to sex appeal, usually loudly voicing her discomfort when being around large breasted women. Despite her apparent passive nature, she’s a kind and cheerful person who’s also very strong willed and extremely devoted to things that interest her. Kayono also plays a very important role in Graduation. Karma Akabane, who is well known throughout the school for his violent behavior, his distaste for authority is only conquered by his hate for teachers and fellow students, however his intelligence and attitude for being fearless make Akabane a force to be reckoned with.

If you are unaware of the stories of The Assassination Classroom, there are quite a few surprises and unexpected twists. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the animated series, the live action movies have quality production value, acting is superb and the special effects could rival any Hollywood blockbuster.

If you haven’t watched a Japanese movie before, be prepared to expect a strange yet compelling humorous side to the characters, whilst the movies deal with serious issues, the sexual context and comedic innuendo may leave you wondering “Why? Was that really necessary?” but that is the expectation placed upon the Japanese film industry.

The storyline is what grips a hold of you and you can’t help but watch the humorous UT, deflect and dodge Assassination attempts by just about everyone, also you will learn the truth about this creature, why he is here and what he intends to do.

After all this is a simply a Science Fiction double feature picture show and I Wanna Go!!!

The Movie Collection is out now thanks to the fine team at Madman Entertainment!


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