All hail the King – Jeff Willms Wins The Kong Off 3!

Over this past weekend, some of the world’s very best competitive Donkey Kong players converged on The 1Up in Denver, Colorado to take part in the annual Kong Off for three days of furious competition to crown the new king of Donkey Kong! But as they say in Highlander, “there can be only one”, and once again the crown goes to Canada’s own Jeff Willms!

With a list of competitors boasting names such as the current Donkey Kong world record holder Hank Chien, former world record holders Steve Wiebe, Ross Benzinger and the infamous Billy Mitchell, the climb to first place was not an easy one for Willms. In fact, the score difference between first and second place was only a measly 29,100 points, but it proved to be enough to ensure that Willms walked away with the top spot for the second year running. Willms score of 1,096,200 will also go down as the 4th highest score on record for Donkey Kong!

1. Jeff Willms 1,096,200
2. Ross Benziger 1,067,100
3. Hank Chien 1,056,900
4. Steve Wiltshire 1,053,200
5. Steve Wiebe 1,048,800
6. Dean Saglio 1,033,000
7. David McCrary 1,032,000
8. Mike Groesbeck 1,020,700
9. Kyle Goewert 1,006,500
10. Vincent Lemay 989,700
11. Corey Chambers 893,300
12. Jonathan McCourt 891,200
13. Eric Tessler 883,300
14. Robbie Lakeman 840,300
15. Jeff Wolfe 809,200
16. Ben Falls 736,800
17. Ethan Daniels 711,400
18. Aaron Rounsaville 703,600
19. Daniel Desjardans 702,500
20. Daniel Dock 680,000
21. Shaun Boyd 639,300
22. Billy Mitchell 598,800

We here at Retro Domination would like to pass on our congratulations to Jeff Willms on his victory, as well as our thanks to our good friends Cat DeSpira, Walter Day at Twin Galaxies and the crew at The 1Up for putting on such a fantastic event!

Photo’s courtesy of The Video Craze’s own Dave Danzara!

Jeff Willms photo courtesy of Twin Galaxies