Retro Games Remade

Most of us love retro gaming; even the casual gamer enjoys a quick play on Super Mario Bros and Alex Kidd. Some people even love the long running Final Fantasy series with its many games and remakes, including the upcoming mobile remake of Adventures of Mana written about by IGN as well as the remake of Final Fantasy XV. But there are some classic games that don’t get the attention they deserve and are forgotten about in the depths of gaming history. Let’s forget about Mario and Sonic and Cloud for now as they get countless remakes and updates alongside other classic games. That said we present you a few games that deserve a modern update/remake.

Midnight Resistance – Tatio

Arcade games were very similar back in the day; Contra, Metal Slug and Eswat just to name a few. But Midnight Resistance was special as it didn’t have your generic arcade stick, it was controlled with a rotary stick which aloud your character to shoot your weapon 360 degrees while moving. So for example if an enemy approaches from behind you could still progress forward while shooting behind. The game was a spiritual successor to Heavy Barrel which controlled the same with a rotary but had a vertical playing field.

Mid res RD

I feel this game would play very well on today’s machines, kept on a 2D aspect but with updated graphics, extra levels and an online co-op play option, I’m sure it would be a winner. Using both analogue sticks to move and shoot would make playing the game with ease.  On top of that, the soundtrack would sound amazing with a modern twist.

Game is available to play on most vintage microcomputers, Sega Megadrive and Jamma (Arcade)

The Turrican Series – Rainbow Arts

Growing up with the Commodore 64 we didn’t have the classic Metroid to enjoy on our trusty brown box, when a certain release from Rainbow Arts (The Great Gianna Sisters & X-Out) came out of nowhere all C64 owners rejoiced. The game was Turrican and it was amazing what they could push out the C64. It was very like Metroid but with a twist, large open environments, more action packed and such difficulty that you would want to throw your controller every time you bombed out (It happened a lot). 2 more sequels were released afterwards part 2 being the better one out of the lot.


The series was also released for other systems as different incarnation’s special mention to the Super Turrican series on the Snes. Now this game screams current gen release and it would work in either 2D or 3D. If it was released in 2D the premise shouldn’t change from its older games but turned into 3D could make it an action packed experience. Possibilities would be endless.

Game is available to play on most vintage computers and consoles.

Crimson Skies – Microsoft Game Studios

Not many people regard the original Xbox as a retro gaming console though it was released in 2001 which makes it 15 years old, that’s retro in our books. One stand out title that Microsoft has forgotten about is the gem Crimson Skies. Even today the game looks amazing for a 14 year old release and a modern release would suit today’s online multiplayer experience.  The precedence of the game is flying around in a plane completing missions assigned to you but multiplayer is where this shines.

Using the great connectivity that is Xbox Live a 16+ player dogfight would be amazing on today’s consoles and deserves to be introduced to a new audience.  Besides and graphical update nothing else needs changing, as they say don’t fix something that isn’t broken. Want to believe that this game is as good as I claim, then read PC Gamer’s article requesting a reboot.

Game was only released on the Xbox

Myth – System 3

Fans of fantasy and mythology will gravitate towards this masterpiece preferably the Commodore 64 version. Ever wanted to cut Medusa’s head off, slay the Hydra or defeat a Norse God? Well this is the game for you. Again being an old 8 Bit computer title it was made difficult, maybe a little too difficult though it’s still so damn fun.


It’s a great 2D side scrolling platform game with puzzle elements and animation to die for as for the other 8 Bit computer versions they took a different approach and went for an exploration game but keeping with the side scrolling 2D view. Now would this work if remade? Absolutely!! If it translated to 3D and an easier learning curve I’m sure the gaming community would enjoy it.

Game is available to play on most vintage computers and the Nintendo Entertainment System under the title Conan.