+3 To Geekdom Podcast Episode 2 – Marvel and Masters Of The Universe and Kaiju! Oh my!

We are back for episode two of the +3 To Geekdom Podcast! Firstly we would like to extend a big “thank you!” to everyone that has taken the time to listen to our first episode and a big “welcome” to those of you just tuning in!


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Some of the topics covered in this months episode:


Marvel’s “Unlimited” comics service:


Tim’s adventures on Free Comic Book Day 2015:


The Age Of Ultron movie and the Joss Whedon ‘Black Widow’ controversy:


The amazing Masters Of The Universe art book by Dark Horse:


The King Of Tokyo table top game (featured on the Table Top YouTube series on the Geek & Sundry channel):


The debut of “Shithouse Theatre” with this months film Frankenstein Conquers the World



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