Top 10 Crappy Covers for Awesome Games

Remember the days, when game covers made you want to play a certain game so bad, with awesome illustrations and wacky characters?

The action packed pics of Space Harrier, the menacing Martian on the Space Invaders cab and lets not forget Rampage, a cover sprawling with huge monsters smashing buildings! Yup, they were awesome, and really helped entice the players to try the game.

But, what about the one’s that were so terrible, so cringeworthy,  that you never gave the game a chance?

Well, we put together our Top 10 list of the most cringe worthy, mind boggling  and downright cack-filled game covers ever! But the catch is, the games are actually awesome!


10- Strider- Sega Megadrive/Genesis

Us here in the west, were unfortunately cursed with the cover on the right. Unlike the awesome looking Japanese cover, we got stuck with a purple spandex clad William Shatner, looking like he is ready to go a Village People Concert! Fortunately this game was a near perfect arcade port, but I still can’t forgive why we couldn’t have the awesome Japanese box art.

9- Donkey Kong- Intellivision

If you were lucky enough to have an Intellivision, no doubt you would have picked up the good old arcade classic, Donkey Kong.

Awesome game, but….um..why does Mario look so ripped?

And why does he have Thor’s hammer?

And, is it just me, or does the old DK look like he’s being portrayed by a demon from the Urotsukidoji series?!

At least the Barrels look kind of similar….



8- Wonder Boy in Monster Land-Master System/Home Computers

Sadly even our favourite series has been given the “uninspired cover” treatment. The Master System is renowned for its terribly simple cover art, and this is a perfect example.

Sure, not the worst out there, but still has that “Huh? That doesnt look like him!” feel.

Whilst on the topic of Character misrepresentation, the Home Computer crowd were even more baffled by what they were delivered. “

“Um… is this a new copy of Viz magazine? No? Oh its Wonder Boy you say? Blimey, why does he look all demented and bignosed then?”

Only the artist has the answers…

7- Final Fight- Super Nintendo

The Snes was host to many disgraceful covers in the west and this was no exception. Final Fight is such a memorable beat ’em up, the true beginning of Capcoms’ reign at the top for fighters!

But according to the artists at Capcom USA, this was nothing but a face off between Tom Selleck and a Rogue Biker……actually, that sounds pretty cool…



6- Street Fighter – C64/Amiga/Atari ST

The first Street fighter may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I had a ball playing it on my C64, and that game was the start of something big to come later in the series’ life.

So with all that! Lets see some Ryu, Sagat and…..wait….what the…….a street gang that looks like its being lead by one of the guys from Milli Vanilli?!?!

Is that supposed to be Ryu?

Wait a minute… it looks like Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue!!! This was originally released in 1987….. Ryo’s Father was murdered by Lan Di in 1986!

Maybe this is a side story of Shenmue!?! Is this what will happen in Shenmue 3?!?! No!!… calm down…puff…puff… its just more bad artwork…..



5- Skateboardin’- Atari 2600

Damn I had fun with this game! For a 2600 game, it was actually pretty in-depth. You could go through pipes, skate over construction sites, do tricks and much more.

It was the Tony Hawk of the 80’s with a Wham! Flavour! Wake Me up before you GO! GO!

Oh, and the cover art looks like a Birthday Card you would get for your 8th birthday…


4- Streets Of Rage 2 – Sega Megadrive/Genesis

Oh Sega, how dare you ruin it once again for us! So many would see this, and probably look the other way. The first Streets of Rage artwork was awesome, this, not so awesome.

It just looks unconvincing and a little generic. I wouldn’t blame anyone not picking this up. Disgraceful !!!


3- Phalanx – Super Nintendo