Savage – Review Amiga 500

Year: 1989

Developer : Probe

Publisher : Firebird

A game I fondly remember as a child playing on my friends Amiga 500 is Savage. This was one of the games that introduced me to the computer and I couldn’t help but feel jealous that I didn’t have one as it was so much more powerful the the trusty C64. Well after finding a Amiga 500 at a local market for $20 a few years ago, I ran back to my friends house and asked if he still had his games and low and behold I found Savage in with his old collection of disc’s.

Savage is a three part level game playing as a muscle clad barbarian out to save your maiden in distress. The first and third levels are side scrolling hack and slash.  You also shoot projectiles like axe’s and thunderbolts. Monsters come at you with brute force . There are mid level bosses and end level bosses that get really difficult. Luckily power ups appear once you smash vases that come along in your travels. Morphing into a Hawk like bird is also added into the level and with that you must dodge enemies a collect bonuses.

The second level consists of a 3D level plain as things fly towards you, a lot like Space Harrier. It’s an ordinary level and is quite boring and difficult, but don’t let it detract you from finishing the game as the rest of the game is awesome.

Savage also was released on other computers like the C64, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and the Sinclair Spectrum. The C64 and Spectrum versions were also highly regarded as very good ports but nowhere near as good as the Amiga version I think. Notable mention that the C64’s in game music was awesome and also included voice sampling like the Amiga.

Does this game still hold up today with other classic games from rival 16bit consoles? Well yes as the controls, graphics and the sound (The music and sound effects need to be heard to be believed) would put that gen to shame. If you still have your Amiga hunt this game down! If you don’t you can grab the Amiga Emulator WINUAE, it can be tricky to setup but once your up it’s very easy to use.  HAPPY GAMING!!!!

Score 7 / 10





  Amstrad CPC


Sinclair Spectrum



Atari ST