Retro Recommendation – C64 Racers

The Commodore 64 wasn’t known for it’s racing games but to give credit where credits due it did have some standout games! I will point out the few that I grew up with and had a amazing and fun time playing them on my own and most importantly with a friend.

Kickstart II – Mastertronic:

The game has a split screen view with player 1 at the top and player 2 or computer opponent at the bottom. Aim of the game is get to the end of the track first with the quickest time but it’s no easy task. Obstacles in your way are Flames, mud, brick fences, ramps, bumps and ice. Trick is you can’t just go full speed ahead as some obstacles need certain speeds to to balance on, for example you must slow down when traveling across a fence and mono your bike when on bumps. Where this game really shines is the Track Editor so on top of the 200 tracks included there’s lots of fun to be had.  Most fun will be had with a friend.

Supercars – Gremlin Graphics

Before Mariokart we had Supercars and what an awesome game it is. The game is a top down racer in the same vain as Supersprints but with added extras. Money is recieved with each race you win, which then can be spent in the store. Front/Rear missiles, Power steering, Turbo boost and many other power ups can be added to your stock car which is important for you to progress to further racers. It can get a bit repetitive but should still hold enough attention to complete it. Unfortunately the game is missing a two player mode and is no where near as pretty as it’s Amiga 500 brother, but I still recommend it.

Turbo Charge – System 3

Terrorists have broken into a UN ammo stockpile and stolen enough missiles to wipe a small country off the face of the earth! Turbo Charge ain’t your typical racer. The objective is to chase and run off the terrorists Van/car off the road and subdue them, once that is done your off to the next level. The car is also fitted with missiles and a machine gun for good measure to shoot down oncoming traffic. It is in the same vain as Chase HQ and works well. I’m actually quite glad this game was released as the C64 version of Chase HQ looked pretty much like a poor mans Sinclair Spectrum port and played terribly. With awesome graphics and sound that you’d expect from System 3, this is still a game worth loading up VICE and having a go.