Parting is such sweet sorrow

James Matson examines one of the hardest, most emotionally tumultuous things a retro gamer can do in their lifetime – parting with their gaming collection. It’s a journey of ups, downs and empty shelves that has left more than a few souls misty eyed and deeply reflective (though seemingly far better off financially…..)

Neo Geo X Gold – Success to Failure?

You are probably thinking, why bother putting the effort into a review on a system that’s been out since the end of 2012 and all it has received is negative publicity. Unfortunately the system was doomed to fail. In October 2013, less than a year after the system was released, SNK Playmore abruptly terminated their […]

Aussie Gaming Maaaaaaaaate!

It’s Australia day long weekend,  so what better way for Retro Domination to celebrate our fine country than showing the world what awesome games Australia have developed from yesteryear. While researching this topic we were quite surprised how many quality games  have been developed here that we grew up playing.