Holy Grails…should you?

Holy Grails…. We all have them, whether you collect for the Dreamcast, NES or Nokia N-Gage, (errrr thats like 2 people..) there’s always that elusive title that you lust over. Youre there looking at it on ebay, hovering over the “Buy It Now” button, shaking with excitement… “man…do i need this?” “gosh, its sure expensive…” […]

Our Favourite Retro Sports Titles

The team at Retro Domination love all sorts of genres in gaming, however some of the hidden gems are hiding in sports titles. Daz and Matt Cawley uncover their favourite games in what is typically an overlooked genre in retro gaming. Daz  When playing retro games I’m usually shooting at spacecraft in games like Bio […]

The last (and first) of us

James Matson found himself at an interesting (and unlikely) point in his quest to own all the Amiga computers ever released: acquiring both the first and last Amiga models ever to be produced by Commodore.  That strange accident seemed altogether too awesome not to write about…