Retro Domination Podcast Episode 69: Get leg, make cows! An interview with David Brevik (creator of Diablo)

Welcome to episode 69 of the Retro Domination podcast! On this week’s episode, Tim and Mark were lucky enough to chat with a man whose impressive resume includes being the co-founder of Blizzard North, creator of the legendary Diablo series along with being the current CEO of Gazillion Entertainment and creator of Marvel Heroes 2015: […]

Press Play on Tape Podcast Episode 03 – Sugar Daddy

The micro computing schoolyard stoush has become a threesome! Wedged between Sir Clive’s ZX Speccy and Commodore’s venerable C64 , we discuss Lord Sugar Daddy’s AMSTRAD Colour Personal Computer (CPC), with special guest and Amstrad subject matter expert, Paul Monopoli from Retrospekt The Amstrad love-in covers the exceptionally good, the pretty good, the bad and […]